Zemer (pizzagirl78) wrote in gilmore_musing,

The Final Season?

I remembered over the summer that they were talking about this season being the final one for Gilmore Girls. Is it true or have they not decided yet?
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What I have heard (for what that is worth) is that they are still in negotiation regarding another season, but that Alexis Bledel is particularly indicating that she really does not want to do another season and this will be it. But nothing is finalized yet, from what I have heard anyway! You might check the message boards at www.televisionwithoutpity.com and see what the latest buzz is.
Oh please oh please oh please oh please let it not be the final season just yet... It's the best thing on television, as far as I'm concerned (and I like a lot of tv..! lol). It's so well-written, couldn't possibly be better acted... and I think they need more time to figure out what to *do* since Amy left... things are far too up in the air between Lorelai & Chris & Luke and they've only got half a season to clear it up if they're ending... it feels .. not time yet.


Sorry for the ranting.. :) I spazz every time someone says it might be ending. :)
Even with my rabid GG addiction, I have been slightly disappointed in this season's writing. Losing Amy and Daniel was a huge blow. They may be claiming to be in negotiations, but I don't think GG will be back after this season.