Hello, gorgeous (michellew12278) wrote in gilmore_musing,
Hello, gorgeous

FYI about next season

There has been some mention about the fact that the Palladinos won't be back next season. Anyway, I was listening to the TV Guide Podcast, and there was mention that the guy who will be taking over the show wrote this week's episode. So...we all got a little peak of his style.
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I listened carefully to see if he did anything different. The only thing i picked up on is that he made some of the characters say things they usually don't like, Luke said 'damn' i've never heard him say damn. Other than that the episode seemed good, what did you think?
Luke's said 'damn' before. I can't remember the exact episode but he was trying to fix the "damn oven." lol. I think he's said it some other times, too, but none come to mind.

Wish I'd heard the podcast, though. :/
I didn't notice anything. But then again, I wasn't exactly looking. Still, that's good, right?

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the episode was written by David Rosenthal. When I rewatched it (after reading this post), I noticed that there were less pop culture references. But overall, I thought it was good. *loved* Rory's call to Mitchum Huntzberger.
That's what I thought when I re-watched it. So if that's what we have to look forward to next season, I can live with it. I can always watch the old episodes for pop culture references.
I agree. And maybe he'll grow into it. For his first attempt, I thought it was very true to the characters and feel of the show.