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Actors and Characters

I was rewatching eps and i just realised that the actress that played Sasha (Jimmy Mariano's partner) also plays Anna Nardini. 

Anyone else noticed actors/actresses playing 2 characters on Gilmore Girls?
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lol, well in the first season of GG, Kirk introduced himself to Lorelai as "Greg." (He was the one who came over to set up Lorelai's high speed internet, as per Emily's request.) Does that constitute two characters? ;)
LOL it sure does!

Oh and the Minister from Liz's wedding was also a town tribadour and also the market guy that competed against Taylor in the town square.
Haha! Actually though, I think that that guy is meant to be seen as the same character in all of the episodes. Remember in last season's finale he shows back up as a troubador and Taylor recognizes him?

I thought the Minister was meant to be a 'Renaissance Fair buddy' and hence he couldn't be both that and one of the town troubadors.

How wacky was the season finale? Way too many troubadors for my liking.
Hmmm, you might be correct. I would have to double check my dvd collection, and sadly do not have it with me at this time :( Thus, I will take your word for it.

Haha, yea, I agree. I must admit, though, that I did like that first guy who sang next to the guy with the fake Hitler mustache on the keyboard.
I'll check after i finish my assessment lol.

Oh i liked them too and Sonic Youth were also neat. I only disliked it because the time used for the troubadors could've been better used to develop Luke/Lor or some other storyline.

Actually, he could be both a RenFaire buddy and the competing troubadours. He could take vacation time from work (I forget what he said he did — in "Love, Daisies, and Troubadours," he breaks the troubadour mystique at the town meeting) to do things at the faires, thus getting to know Liz and TJ.

I think that since the guy is one of those, "Oh, it's that guy!" guys, it's supposed to be the same character in the different episodes.
He said that he was the manager of a FedEx shop in a neighboring town at the town meeting (in Love, Daisies and Troubadors).


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11 years ago

i think he may also have played a character named "mick" as well, who did something in one of the first episodes. i think he delivered the swans for a wedding or something.
Hmmm, I was actually floundering a bit on trying to remember the name with which he introduced himself (when he was the high speed internet guy). Perhaps it was Mick, as it sounds really familiar.
Sean Gunn played "Mick" when he installed Lorelai's internet in the second episode. It wasn't until Babette's cat's wake that He was introduced as "Kirk", as an assistant manager at Doosie's. He played several nameless characters between Mick and Kirk, and he was never Greg.
I don't remember character names, but I'm pretty sure that one of the girls at Rory's coming out party (I think the one talking about marrying your escort? I haven't seen that episode in a while) is one of Honor's bridesmaids — the super drunk one.

That's the only other one I can think of.
I caught on that too! Except i wasn't too sure.

I guess it might be cheaper if she brings back old actors.
Oh my gosh! Good call!! You are TOTALLY right.
alin the first season, on sookie and jacksons first date, the double date, the waiter in the french restaraunt is the guy that sookie sees at the "how to run an inn" workshop that she and Lorelai went to. the one that askes her out, but she is married. i think thats in the third season. also, in the very first episode, the teacher is crazy carrie.