Hello, gorgeous (michellew12278) wrote in gilmore_musing,
Hello, gorgeous

Curious...what people think

Who's pregnant? Will Luke and Lorelai elope?
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pregnant? what? (was this in next week's previews?)
Luke's sister Liz is pregnant.

I hope that Luke & Lorelai don't elope. That would be stupid.
That's what I thought too! No way is it Lorelai or Rory.
yea its her, the person telling him had blond hair.
so, lets discuss the fact that the original writers of the show did not get their contracts renewed and won't be back next season. I am honestly more invested in the writers than the characters, I do not think the show can truly sustain withough Amy Sherman-Palladino. I'm upset.
Eep! I had heard rumors to that effect, but i didn't know it was true... lord help us all....
I just made a post about next season...